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Expert Drain Repair in Germantown, MD

Needing drain repair in Germantown, MD is an inconvenient issue that many property owners face. There is nothing more frustrating than a drain that continuously clogs. Sometimes, the problem is temporary and has a simple solution. However, some clogs are stubborn and could be a sign of a serious underlying issue.

Damaged drains cause unsightly and unsanitary water to pool in your sink or tub. In some cases, a clogged or collapsed drain creates flooding, which damages your property. Before a minor occurrence turns into a major plumbing project, call our specialists at O’Connor Plumbing. With our 70 years of experience helping home and business owners, we cover all your needs for drain repair in Germantown, MD.


Drain Repair Germantown, MD

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How Do I Know When a Drain Needs Repair?

A clogged or broken drain is easy to spot in most cases. You will notice water buildup in your sink or tub due to slow drainage, or you might find unexplained leaks. Pooling water does not just look unsightly, but it also creates potential health hazards. Contact with contaminated water from sewers may make you sick.

There are other signs to consider when it comes to underlying drain issues that may not be immediately apparent. Attend to these issues quickly before they turn into a significant problem later.

Signs a Drain Needs Repair

When you perform routine checks to your drainage systems, it is easier to spot these problems:

Foul Odor

If you smell sewage wafting from your sink or tub drain, this is your first indicator that something is wrong. Drains should not emit a foul odor, because their purpose is to send wastewater down to your city’s central drainage systems and pipes. The smell of sewage either means that your pipes are not draining right, or that there is a broken pipe. These odors are unwelcome in any home, and potentially drive customers away if the property is a business.

Water Bill Increase

An increase in your water bill may indicate that you have a pipe leak. Monitor your water bill often to notice sudden increases, especially if your water consumption habits have not changed. A water leak is easy to fix when you catch it early on. It’s also important to find pipe leaks immediately to prevent any extensive structural damage to your home.

Unexplained Leaks

If your drain is above the basement, always check for wet walls or water on the floor. Water leaks from broken pipes damage your home’s walls and cause additional issues like water pooling and paint peeling.

Recurring Clogs

The last sign that you may have an underlying plumbing problem is a drain that keeps clogging. Some property owners use commercial products to unclog their drains. Although this may work in some cases, these products do not work for every home, and your pipes may continue to retain water. If you have a stubborn blockage in your pipes, you need a specialist who can help.

Why Choose O’Connor Plumbing?

If you are looking for drain repair in Germantown, MD, call our technicians at O’Connor Plumbing. We have helped thousands of property owners deal with clogged, collapsed, and broken drains in their home or business.

We deliver high-caliber service and top-notch customer care. Our inspection process is transparent, and we walk you through our process and your pricing options before we start. We respect your home and property, and we always place your needs first.

All our work comes with a service guarantee. With our flexible payment options and extensive plumbing experience, you are in professional hands with O’Connor Plumbing. Call us today at 1-833-RIGGO44 and let our skilled technicians solve your stubborn drain and plumbing problems.

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