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Drain Repair

Frederick is not only known for its vast place in history, but also for it’s beautiful landscape. There are many great places to see in this lovely area. Carroll Creek Park is very popular for its sights and sounds, running through the historic downtown Frederick.

For more festive activities, we also have Baker Park with it’s over 58 acres of things to do, from sports to concerts. It’s no wonder that so many people like to call this place home.

O’Connor Plumbing is a proud member of the area and here to serve all of your residential plumbing needs.


Drain Repair Frederick, MD

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Drains are very important things in our modern day lives that we often take for granted. They are simply the thing that takes away all of the water that we are done with, whether it’s in our sinks, bathtubs, or elsewhere.

On occasion, drains can start having problems. Usually, the problems are from clogs that have formed in the plumbing that are preventing water from getting to where it needs to go.

When that happens, water backs up and if it gets really bad, can overflow from where the drain is located. This can create a big mess and cause damage to your home.

That’s why we are here. We can repair your drain and get your water flowing back to normal very quickly. Using the right tools, we can take care of any drain problem that you might have.

Whether it’s a drain in the kitchen, bathroom, or even outdoor, our drain repair service will get the job done right.

Drain repair frederick md

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