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Drain Repair

Do you have a drain blockage or leak? Call O’Connor Plumbing today for a professional drain repair in Mt. Airy.

A drain issue can result in an unsanitary environment, slow water drainage, and inconvenience. Without the right equipment and experience with drain repairs, locating and addressing the problem can also be next to impossible.

If you have a problem with your drain in Mt. Airy, MD, look no further than O’Connor Plumbing. We have more than seventy years’ experience in the delivery of plumbing services, and we can take care of any drain issue you have.


Drain Repair Mt. Airy, MD

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How to Prevent Drain Clogs

It is possible to prevent blockages from forming in your drains. In most cases, a blockage consists of different materials, and not a single substance. For example, a single clog can be a combination of soap scum, hair, grease, food, and objects such as feminine products, wet wipes, and diapers.

There are several things you can do to prevent drain blockages from forming:

In addition to being vigilant about the things that go down your drain, you should also schedule regular drain inspections.

Maintain Your Drains Regularly

At O’Connor Plumbing, we recommend that customers schedule a drain maintenance service at least once per year. Routine maintenance is critical to preventing the formation of blockages, leaks, and damage as the result of root growth, weak joints, and aging.

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Our drain maintenance service includes a thorough inspection with a camera to check for root intrusion and debris accumulation. We also clean your drains thoroughly to remove the smallest traces of grease, which can trap debris and grow, eventually blocking your drain entirely.

As part of this service, we install drain guards and other accessories to promote your drain system’s functionality. Routine drain maintenance may seem unnecessary, but it will prevent costly damage and inconvenience. Contact us today to schedule a professional drain maintenance service in Mt. Airy, MD.

Warning Signs of Damage to Your Sewer Line

Damage to a sewer line is generally easy to notice. In most cases, a sewer line defect will be highly disruptive.

Signs that you need professional help with your sewer line include:

  • The slow draining of wastewater indicates a blockage in the line
  • A cracked sewer pipe behind your wall can cause mold growth and water damage
  • Unpleasant sewer gas odors around your property because of a leak
  • Severe pipe deterioration can cause sinkholes, foundation cracks, or other structural issues
  • Rodent or insect infestations
  • Standing septic waste on your property
  • Spots on your lawn with lush grass growth

In most cases, you will notice two or more of these warning signs. You need a professional service to prevent further damage and mitigate health risks.

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