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Expert Drain Repair in Urbana, MD

Drain repair in Urbana, MD does not have to be a hassle when you work with the right company. Drains often clog or break for many reasons, but always at the wrong time. Depending on the damage, you might need to contact a professional plumbing service that rids you of the headache that comes with drain repairs. Experience the difference a professional plumbing company makes by contacting our experts at O’Connor Plumbing.

Although some drains don’t need significant servicing, there is always the risk of a larger problem that might require extensive repair. These are easily avoidable drain issues, but many property owners often make mistakes that lead to clogs and breakages.


Drain Repair Urbana, MD

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What Causes Drain Clogs?

Drains clog for many reasons. Drain blockage also depends on their location in your house or business. A bathroom or tub drain, for example, clog for different reasons than a kitchen sink or garage drain. Below is a list of the common reasons why your pipes are not working correctly.

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Bathrooms and Tubs

Hair is the biggest culprit when it comes to blockages in the drain of your bathroom or tub. One way to prevent these obstructions is to install a stopper or hair catcher. Soap is the second most common reason. Bar soaps contain fat that sticks to the hair and creates a residue that falls down the drain and sticks. Over time, they combine to create an unsightly mass that needs professional chemicals or tools to remove.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are quite durable, but they often clog due to the food debris that falls inside. When food buildup starts to clog your drain, it may break your pipes or cause them to collapse over time. Always use stoppers when you are washing dishes in a sink. Another reason the sink blocks is because of grease and fat buildup. Fat and oils do not just cause blockages. This kind of buildup also causes problems in the internal sewage system of your home. They are the cause of flooding in some instances and need professional removal.

Garage Drain

Garage drains and sinks experience clogging because of residue. Mineral residue, stones, and even dirt don’t always flow smoothly inside pipes. Over time, they weaken your pipes and cause them to collapse. Additionally, there may be foreign objects that fall into the sewers, such as rocks and grass. Always make sure that the drains are clear from any impediments. Sometimes, drains develop cracks that allow plants and tree roots to grow within, and this collapses your plumbing structure in worst-case scenarios.

Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, the issue is often due to bathroom drains. Sometimes, the drains clog because of toilet paper buildup or feminine hygiene products. Other culprits include grease buildup in kitchen drains, especially if you run a restaurant business. If leaks or flooding happens on a commercial property, it is an inconvenience to both you and your customers.

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Don’t let a damaged or broken drain cause more severe plumbing issues. If you need drain repair in Urbana, MD, call our technicians at O’Connor Plumbing. Our experience in the business spans over 70 years. Our dedication to quality and transparent customer service is second to none.

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