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Expert Plumbing in Walkersville, MD

O’Connor is one of the leading plumbers in the Walkersville area, as one of our main offices is located right down the road in Frederick. As such, we will send plumbers to your home quite quickly so you can resume your daily schedule.


Plumber Walkersville, MD

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Common Plumbing Issues in Walkersville, MD

Many of the homes in Walkersville are older, stately homes. These older homes contribute to the town’s quant vibe. Older homes are often the epitome of great build quality, but even so, pipes will eventually start to leak.

One of the most common reasons our plumbers get called out to Walkersville is to tighten, repair, or replace leaking pipes. If your pipe is leaking, get in touch right away. The quicker we can address the issue, the more money you save. Wait, and you might have to repair expensive water damage or address other serious issues.

Of course, clogs are very common as well. Sometimes, clogs can be resolved with a plunger or other at home fixes. Be careful, however, or you could make the issue much worse. If your toilet, sink, or other pipe is clogged but not overflowing, we may be able to get to your home and unclog it before any serious issues arise.

If you try to unclog it yourself and something goes wrong, you could flood your Walkersville home, causing water damage.

Another common issue is needed to replace faucets, showers, and more. Maybe your kitchen sink faucet is dripping, driving up your water bill and causing the family to go crazy. If you need your shower head, faucet, or even need to replace a tub or sink, we can help.

The Best Plumbing Services in Walkersville

Few of the plumbers servicing Walkersville and surrounding areas arrive in fully loaded trucks. We know that our customers are on tight time schedules and we hate wasting time ourselves. Often, if you find a plumber working out of his personal car, he’ll need to come to your home, inspect the problem, then run to the store to buy parts.

That wastes your time and the plumbers time. Our plumbers drive fully stocked trucks and will rarely have to drive back to the supply shop or hardware store to get the parts they need. This means O’Connor Plumbing can often provide service in one trip, no return trip needed.

Beyond that, our plumbers will always arrive at your Walkersville home in a proper uniform and ready to provide the highest quality plumbing services. Pricing is always up-front when every product is installed, and every service provided will be covered by a warranty!

So, if you need plumbing services in Walkersville, Maryland, get in touch with O’Connor Plumbing! We’ll be happy to help. We can be reached at 1 (833) RIGGO44.

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So, if you need plumbing services in Walkersville, Maryland, get in touch with O’Connor Plumbing! We’ll be happy to help. We can be reached at 1 (833) RIGGO44.

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