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Sump Pump Repair

Expert Sump Pump Repair in Damascus, MD

Keep your basement dry with sump pump repair services in Damascus—call O’Connor Plumbing today.

Sump pumps remove water from low elevation areas. Without a working sump pump, your basement and home can flood and become damaged. You also risk mold and mildew growth from standing water.

If your sump pump isn’t working, you need to act fast. Call O’Connor Plumbing for all your sump pump repair needs in Damascus, MD.

Sump Pump Repair Damascus, MD

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Why Invest in a Sump Pump?

Although they vary in size, capacity, and quality, all sump pumps prevent flooding in your home. Water damage due to flooding and storms can leave you with costly home repairs. With a properly installed sump pump, you can avoid severe damage.

Consider investing in a sump pump if you fall into any of the categories below:

  • You have a home with a basement
  • Your neighborhood or city is known for floods or rainstorms
  • Your home is at or below sea level

With torrential rainfall, a sump pump can keep the high water at bay. The float valve activates when the water reaches a certain level. This valve pumps the water and flushes it—similar to a toilet—out of your home.

Sump pumps go at the lowest point of your basement and have a designated discharge area. This area is usually a dry well, pond, or even neighborhood drain. Check with your local water authority to determine where your sump pump should drain.

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.

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Common Sump Pump Issues

Each type of sump pump has its pros and cons. Some of the common issues you may encounter with each include:

  • Longevity: A submersible sump pump goes inside a basin in your basement. Since the pump and motor make up one unit to save space, it may not last as long as other types of sump pumps.
  • Power loss/outage: Your sump pump could lose power due to a circuit issue, an unplugged pump, or a power outage. If you have constant problems powering your sump pump, contact us to find out why.
  • Clogging: An overworked or under powered sump pump can get a clogged intake. Gravel, sand, and other debris can get stuck and cause a system failure. Clogs prevent the pump from extracting water and performing the work necessary to prevent flooding.

Sump pumps require frequent testing to ensure that they work correctly. Failure to do so could result in significant expenses after a heavy downpour.

Sump Pump Repair in Damascus

Your sump pump may sit idle for an extended period. Lack of use means it may not be in pristine condition when you need it most.

To keep your sump pump working optimally, we conduct thorough checks and make repairs. At O’Connor Plumbing, we can tell you how to:

  • Check the float. The float rises with water in the sump pit, which triggers the pump to pull water. You should routinely check the float by pouring water into the pit and making sure the float rises.

The pump should activate and then shut off when the water is gone. Repeat this test every few months.

  • Remove debris. Keep debris out of the sump pit, as it can jam the screen. Clogged debris will prevent water from flowing correctly.
  • Buy a sump pump that suits you. You don’t want to overwhelm your pump with too much water. We can assess your needs to make sure you have the right sump pump.

If you experience problems with your sump pump, contact O’Connor Plumbing immediately. We can provide a detailed inspection, check your circuit breaker, remove debris, and repair or replace your pump.

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