Sump Pump Repair Germantown, MD

Sump Pump Repair

Expert Sump Pump Repair in Germantown, MD

Sump pump repair in Germantown, MD is a common request from our clients. Due to the above-average rainfall that our state receives annually, flooding and storms are a constant reality. If you do not remove this water, it pools beneath your home or business and leads to structural damage.

Sump pumps remove water that builds up due to flooding and storms. They also protect your property from unknown water buildup that results from leaks. The device pumps the water out of your house and into a well or a basin. Sump pumps are a necessity in any home that’s prone to excessive water buildup.

Unfortunately, most property owners discover that their sump pumps are malfunctioning once it happens. If your sump pump needs repair, our technicians at O’Connor Plumbing are here to help. Our experts repair and maintain your sump pump to reduce the risk of water damage to your property.

Sump Pump Repair Germantown, MD

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How Do I Prevent Sump Pump Malfunction?

To decrease the likelihood of needing sump pump repair, you must maintain and check on your pump often. Regular maintenance keeps your pump working longer and prevents your property from sustaining long-term damage. To prevent or diagnose a sump pump malfunction, check the following:

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system.


Sometimes, your sump pump is not working because it is not receiving power. Check to see if it is plugged in. Always make sure that your pump is correctly wired, and that it has the power to remove water from your property.

Switch Malfunction

Another reason why your sump pump isn’t working is a malfunction of the pump’s On/Off switch. Check if the switch is working before determining whether you need to replace your pump.

Sump Pit

Over time, sump pits collect debris from the water that causes damage to the pump. Loose items like rocks and dirt catch in the device and cause internal damage. To prevent this from happening, always check and clean the pit of your sump pump.

Size of Pump

Sump pumps come in different sizes to accommodate the needs of your property. If your sump pump is too small, it will not push flood water fast enough from your property. Then, the motor overheats, causing it to break down quickly.


The float of your sump pump triggers the device to start pushing water away from your property. If it is not working correctly, it prevents your device from doing its job. Test if your float is working consistently and replace it if you notice your sump pump is not removing water despite the flooding.


If debris is not cleaned correctly from your sump pit, the impeller of the pump sucks it inside. Once this happens, the impeller jams, causing your pump to stop working. Depending on the quantity of debris, it can cause significant damage even after cleaning the impeller out.

Motor Failure

Motor failure is one of the most likely causes of sump pump failure. If your pump is relatively new, you don’t have to replace it. One of our experts at O’Connor Plumbing will inspect the damage and let you know your options.

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For over seven decades, our specialists at O’Connor Plumbing have helped property owners with sump pump repair in Germantown, MD. With our quick and transparent inspection process, we identify the cause of your pump damage and explain the options that fit your budget.

Our service comes with a warranty for your peace of mind. We dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality service to home and business owners across Germantown. Our professional technicians and staff members are ready to show up during emergencies, even on holidays. We always have the right tools available and provide quick and efficient service whenever you need us. Call us today at 1-833-RIGGO44.

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