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Water Heater Repair

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You won’t realize how much you miss hot water until it’s gone, right? Once you’ve had some bad experiences, you begin to realize to what degree regular water heater maintenance is an integral part of home ownership.

If you start to see telltale signs that your water heater is on its last legs, or even when it needs a little tune-up, be sure to give our team at O’Connor Plumbing in Loudoun County, VA, a call.

Our expert team has 70 years of experience working with people just like you to solve their water-related woes. Why live with a fussy or broken water heater any longer? The solution is simple!


Water Heater Repair Loudoun County, VA

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Common Problems to Watch Out For

The following typical issues are red flags that your water heater might need maintenance or repair. It’s better to catch problems when they first start rather than waiting. If any of these things are happening to you, then it’s time to call in the trusted team at O’Connor Plumbing.

  • Getting very little or no hot water out of your pipes is the primary sign of a significant issue, which means that the time has come to schedule a water heater repair. The fix could be as simple as a burned-out pilot light—or it might signify something structurally wrong with the water heater. Either way, you should get a pro to look at it as soon as possible.
  • If your taps are pumping out smelly water, consider this a red flag that bacteria could be in your water heater. Not only is smelly water unpleasant, but it can also be a health hazard for your family. If you start getting a whiff of a rotten egg when you turn on your faucet, you need to call in the professionals.
  • Sometimes your water tank will start leaking. You will notice a ring of wetness around the base of the tank. Please don’t ignore this sign. Leaky tanks indicate that water heaters are on their last legs and could become dangerous. You will likely need to replace your water tank.

Regular Maintenance Can Save Your Water Heater

Fortunately, routine maintenance can extend the life of your water heater. If you schedule proper water heater repair at the first sign of trouble, you can prolong your heater’s life.

Water heaters should last between eight and 12 years, and some can even stay serviceable for up to two decades. The key is making sure that you are on top of maintenance and that you’re treating your water heater well. In addition to calling in professionals for regular water heater repair, you can follow these simple steps to keep you water heater functioning as well as possible.

  • Keep the immediate area around your water heater clear of debris.
  • Drain a portion of the tank regularly.
  • Test the temperature-pressure relief valve to make sure that it’s functional.
  • Insulate the water heater, especially if it’s old.
  • Use the “vacation” setting on your water heater when leaving town. Many new models have this setting, which allows the pilot light to stay on even if you’re not heating the water.

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